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Sektori i Kërkimit & Projekteve



“Fan S. Noli” University publishes a periodical scientific bulletin since 1996. It reflects the scientific research work through different research papers of scholars and researchers of the university of Korça and other national and international universities.This bulletin includes a series of natural sciences and another of social sciences.

Most of the University staff have participated in regional, national and international conferences and seminars to enhance communication with the academic world. The faculties and the departments of our University have prepared and have lead research projects which have been of great importance for the university as well as for the region.

The University of Korça has undersigned a number of agreements of cooperation with more than 20 universities inside Albania and abroad. From the year 2008 the University of Korca is a serious partner in Basileus project and has exchange students and staff members with 10 partner universities. Our university is a partner in Cross Border, Ceepus, and Tempus projects.

Project and Scientific Research Sector



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