The Student’s Council of University “Fan S. Noli” of Korça

Student Councils promote and coordinate the participation of students and their representation in the governing bodies of the university, as well as in teaching and research structures. The University Student’s Council is elected through students votes. It is composed of representatives of students from all faculties. The Student’s Council expresses opinions and proposals about all issues of university general interests like: plans and study programs, regulations on learning activities, service quality, development of different cultural and sports activities.

Location (Map)


Prof. dr.  Ali Jashari

Tel. : +355 822 42230
         +355 822 42580


Sekretarja e Rektorit
Megi Pashko

Tel. : +355 822 42230

Zv. Rektore për mësimin
Prof. as. dr.  Majlinda Bello

Tel. : +355 822 42580

Zv. Rektore për shkencën dhe projektet
Dr. Erinda Papa

Tel: +355 822 42580

Administrator i Universitetit

Msc. Enslemvera Zake (Furxhi)
Tel: +355 822 43609

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