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“Fan S. Noli” University (UNIKO) mission as a higher education institution is to create, transmit, develop and protect knowledge, through teaching, scientific research and the services it provides. This mission is accomplished through the elaboration and implementation of policies, principles and procedures that supervise the financial and logistical support that UNIKO offers to its academic units. For this reason, the main aim of UNIKO supporting research structures is focused on the creation of the institutional research mechanisms related to well-defined priorities and involvement of academic staff in quality research activities, without avoiding elements of the scientific product, publications, partnerships, marketing and services to third parties. The Scientific Research at UNIKO is based on standards defined by the European Research Area.

- Human resources;

- Research Infrastructure;

- Regional and international cooperation;

- Relations to economy and society.


Based on an earlier tradition that has served as the basis for the research and scientific work of the pedagogues of "Fan S. Noli" University, in 1996 it was published the first Volume of the annual periodical "Scientific Bulletin". In 2009 the Bulletin was indexed with no. ISSN 2078-7111. In the thirty-two volumes published so far, the Bulletin has been published in two series: the social sciences series and the applied sciences series, representing a collective work, which was nurtured over the years by almost all the pedagogues of the university, as well as by the works of professors and researchers from other local and foreign universities and institutions.


The mission of the Scientific Bulletin of "Fan S. Noli" University is to promote the scientific achievements of researchers and scholars who publish in it. With new scientific research inputs and the contribution of international researchers, the Bulletin is approaching inclusion in well-known and indexed impact factor databases. Achieving this goal aims to make the Bulletin more popular in the international arena.


During the 26 years of its annual publication, the Bulletin has supported the academic work strengthening, curricula improvement, the approach towards interest groups to take their opinions with the aim to create bridges of cooperation with the regional job market. The Bulletin has also served to promote research outcomes within the University and beyond.

With the research studies published in its specific volumes and series, the Bulletin has become a practical resource and a bridge between research and teaching, as well as research and various aspects of regional development, one of the main pillars that increase the applicability quality of the academic activity of the University as a Higher Education Institution.

It is worth mentioning that in the Scientific Bulletin have been welcomed and published the scientific research work of researchers from the University of Tirana, the University of Pristina, from Universities in Greece, Italy, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, etc., which indicates that the name and level of this bulletin has increased considerably in the national as well as international arena.

In the Bulletin, there have also been published the scientific research outcomes by professors and students participating in TEMPUS, CEPUS, IPA projects.

The Scientific Bulletin of the University is based on the open-access concept. It is published and shared in such a format that it is open, free, available and accessible to all as it is also published as an online scientific journal in the official website of the University.

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