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The Interdisciplinary Center of Balkan Studies

The Interdisciplinary Center of Balkan Studies is a unit of study, research and development character at "Fan S. Noli" University. As an interdisciplinary study structure it has study, research, development and educational interests.

Mission and Goals of the Center - The mission of this Center is the development of study, research and development capacities, through studies, projects and other creative and developmental activities, to contribute to scientific, social and cultural development at an institutional, local, national and international level.

The center aims to: seek, promote, develop and coordinate scientific research/study, research, development and education programs in the fields offered by the faculties in a national and international perspective; elaborate advanced scientific thought to precede social and cultural developments, as a strong support for the design and elaboration of research projects; help in the dissemination of knowledge and values ​​of scientific research/study, research and development; transmit the knowledge gained from scientific research/study, research and development to students and young researchers; participate in national and international scientific projects; promote the scientific debate and scientific and professional publications, in Albanian or foreign language, in a comparative point of view, as well as to provide support in the didactics of the study programs offered by UNIKO; help the exchange of information and data between researchers and operators, as well as through cooperation with national and foreign institutions of higher education but also with scientific research/study, research or development organizations at national and international level; organize and promote national and international scientific activities, seminars and conferences; establish a specialized center for the storage and use of scientific research/study and research documentation; support and promote cooperation with associations, foundations, organizations and individuals, for the benefit of study, research and scientific development; join international organizations that have partially the same goals; receive funding from national and international foundations and institutions to help scientific research in the University.

Activity of the Center - The Interdisciplinary Center of Balkan Studies lays its activity mainly on the basis of scientific research programs and short-term, medium-term and long-term scientific projects. This Center cooperates with all basic units (faculties) of “Fan S. Noli” University, based on programs, strategies and agreements approved by the governing bodies of the main units. Academic staff of all basic units can participate in projects, consultations, publications and services that are conducted within the activity of this Center.

The role and function of the Interdisciplinary Center of Balkan Studies is to: compile study, scientific research, development projects, participate in projects as a partner, coordinate projects, applies for projects in local, national and international entities; support the implementation of third cycle study programs offered by the University; provide services for support and engagement of students in study or research and development; develop the third mission in UNIKO, generating knowledge outside the academic environment for the benefit of social, economic and cultural development, in order to strengthen the dialogue between the university, industry and society; provide through scientific research/study, development and creative activities, services for third parties; engage with social needs and market demands by linking the activity of the faculty with the socio-economic context;seek funding from national and international public and private foundations and institutions to help scientific research of the University; organize scientific activities at local, national and international level;organize national and international conferences, scientific consultations, meetings of a scientific-research/study, research and development nature in order to review and address certain issues;publish the results of its scientific/research work as a scientific monograph; periodical scientific bulletins and journals; volumes of documents; study series and other works of scientific value; works of its researchers and/or authorities of domestic and foreign scientific research/study, research or development, in order to promote the scientific qualification of UNIKO staff with titles and scientific degrees;periodically enrich the UNIKO Scientific Library, archives and scientific funds by pursuing a flexible policy for absorbing public, private and international funding.

The Center cooperates with universities and other national and international institutions, aiming at an effective integration of research and didactic work at national and international level. The cooperation is conducted through agreements in order to achieve a participation of researchers/scholars in the teaching process and the involvement of scholars/researchers in joint research/scientific projects and the common use of scientific archives, libraries and equipment.

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