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Project Leader: University of Bari (Italy).

Project Partner: Agricultural University of Tirana, “Fan S. Noli” University, Korçë

Funded by: TEMPUS

Period: September 2009 – October 2013

The main objective:

  • contributing to the institution building in Higher Education at a Regional level to sustain University networking partnerships between the academic worlds of the Western Balkan countries and members of the EU;
  • designing and developing of the International joint Master degree in Plant Medicine (IPM) in the curricula of the Faculties of Agriculture at the Universities of Tirana and Korçë (Albania), Osijek and Zagreb (Croatia), Prishtinë (Kosovo), Skopje and Tetovo (The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), Belgrade and Novi Sad (Serbia), which will receive the support and the integration of the Universities of Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Athens (Greece) and Bari (Italy).
  • improving the traditional teaching contexts by applying new web technologies (internet-learning). This will assure multiple benefits such as: reduce the need for teachers for each site, reduce physical spaces and resources for classrooms and instrumentation in each site, and spread knowledge efficiently.

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