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Student: Vasil Ciko

E+ Programme: Exchange Students

Host Institution: University of Economics-Varna

Period: February 2020 – June 2020

Academic year: 2020/2021

“Erasmus+ a path toward experiences”

My name is Vasil Ciko and I am studying in the third-year in the University of Economics Fan S. Noli, branch Finance-Accounting. I have always liked new experiences and Erasmus + was one of the ones I was looking for as I would have the opportunity to expand my background professionally, culturally, and socially. The information I had about the program has been incredibly compelling and the moment the University announced about the student exchange program I was feeling very excited to participate. University staff selected students with a high average and good English language skills to apply.  Upon my arrival in Varna, I met students from different countries and cultures and we exchanged different and interesting knowledge between each other. On the first day at Varna University of Economics, I completed This beautiful and valuable adventure passed in a very short time and at its completion were the final procedures where we received the documents necessary for the local the program contract by defining the duration of my stay for the calculation of the scholarship. University. After returning from Erasmus+ I submitted all the documents received to convert the grades to the local University. Being in contact and supported by local and host coordinators all procedures were easily passed. I invite all students not to hesitate to try out such valuable experiences and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the school, but of course, everything is achieved by studying and working to succeed.

“Erasmus + is not only a good opportunity in professional terms but also an opportunity to collaborate and get to know different cultures and nationalities by further expanding the individual formation and horizon.”

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