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Organizers: ISSBS, Slovenia & TU Dresden, Germany

In the framework of VALEU-X Project, on October 31, 2022 and November 1st, 2022 the International School for Social and Business Studies, Slovenia (ISSBS) and Technical University, Dresden (TUD) organized the Staff Training in “Fan S. Noli” University, Korçë, Albania.

“Quality assurance (QA) in HE and the challenges of self-evaluation of HE institutions”, “QA in Higher Education, degree programs, lifelong-learning and micro-credential, recognition of knowledge and skills in HE” and “Publishing opportunities and international scientific conference organization” were the three main topics of the first Workshop, which was held by the team of ISSBS, Slovenia. The aim of this Workshop was to introduce participants to Standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG) as a reference document for internal and external quality assurance and to also present helpful publishing guidelines, critical issues relevant to authors leading to better chances of paper acceptance and strategies about international scientific conference organization. In this workshop participated the faculty members, representatives of the Office of the Curricula and Evaluation, Office of the Project and Research, Office of the Student Services, Representatives of the Publishing Committee of the Scientific Bulletin UNIKO and Representatives of the Inner Quality Assurance Units (including students) in each faculty. 

“Virtual Collaborative Learning in practice” was the other topic introduced at the second workshop, held by TU Dresden, Germany. The aim of this workshop was to present the design dimensions of Virtual Collaborative Learning, as essential elements of designing an online learning experience for their student and to raise awareness about challenges during the design process and offer firsthand solutions for the implementation of collaborative learning activities with a focus on Virtual Mobility and Internationalization at home. The participants, who shown interest on this topic were representatives of the administrative and academic staff from each faculty, representatives of the Office of the Curricula and Evaluation, Office of the Project and Research and Office of the Student Services.

The activity of the Workshops was designed in the form of presentations and discussions, and hands-on experiential training sessions, where the participants involved in practical tasks and exercises. The staff training contributed to increasing knowledge and raising awareness on the implementation of successful strategies introduced to the participants, related to the relevant topics of each Workshop.

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