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This is the invitation to our online training session on how to use the “Research Library” database via the ProQuest Platform on the 20.04.2018, at 11:00 CEST (Central European Summer time).

The actual link to the session you will find close to the very bottom of the mail (“Join WebEx meeting” link in the “Actual Meeting Info” section), following the extensive section of tips how to test and use the WebEx conferencing system.

You can forward this invitation to any potential participant.

Please read the following tips carefully, especially if you have never used WebEx before or only rarely (please note especially the points about the audio setup).

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.


Looking forward to our training!


Additional help on WebEx:

  • To join the WebEx meeting simply click the “Join WebEx meeting” link/button further down, below this section of tips.
  • If you have never used WebEx I suggest to test whether it works on your machine without any issues by using the following link to open a test session:
    I strongly advise to do so at least 1 day before the actual meeting in case help from your IT administration is required.
  • If WebEx asks you to install an add-on and you do not want that or can’t do it – no problem. On the initial meeting screen, you can click on the “Join by browser”-link instead of the “Join” button after entering a name and email and the WebEx session will run in your web browser (some advanced features may not be available then). 
    Note that this option is not available in the test-meeting linked above.


Alternatively, you can try to use the option “Run a temporary application” (this will appear when you use the green Join-button as shown in the screenshot above and it is also available as an option in the test session). This will download an .exe file to your computer that you have to open. Running this .exe file will not install any software on your computer and is only valid for this particular session (but note that your cimpouter’s security settings may not allow you to run any .exe files).

  • Regarding the audio connection: 
    You can access the audio settings from the main screen via the “More Options” link below this button:


You can also access these via the menu bar at the top (go to “Audio” > “Audio and Video Connections”):



If you have a headset I recommend using the “Call using computer” option.
If you have no headset or want to use your telephone instead I suggest you select the “Call me” option which means WebEx will call you on a phone number you provide. 
You can also use the “I will call in” option for which global free call-in numbers are available: after selecting ‘I will call in’, click “All global call-in numbers).


Actual Meeting info:

– Do not delete or change any of the following text. —   
Join WebEx meeting   
Meeting number (access code): 717 533 326 
Meeting password: YtJD3wyJ  

Join from a video system or application
You can also dial and enter your meeting number.   
Join by phone  
1-408-792-6300 Call-in toll number (US/Canada)  
Global call-in numbers  
Can’t join the meeting? 
If you are a host, go here to view host information.

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