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Student: Malak Hazimeh

Sending/Partner Institution: “Institut agronomique mediteeraneen de Montpellier”, France

E+ Programme: Exchange Students

Host Institution: “Fan S. Noli” University

Period: April 2022 – September 2022

Academic year: 2021/2022

I, Malak Hazimeh, Lebanese, an Agriculture engineering student. I am studying in France at the ”Institut agronomique mediteeraneen de Montpellier” and I havechosen “Fan S. Noli” University, Korce, Albania to conclude my final internship project, as an Erasmus + exchange student.

Why Albania? This was the question that I have heard the most.

To make it simple, why not albania? I was offered a good opportunity to come and work on my final project in this beautiful country. As an agriculture engineer, I have found a very interesting place, since agriculture has a huge role in its national economy and its part of its traditional and cultural assets, without mentioning all the abundant natural resources and its capabilities.

Academically speaking, Albania is such a perfect destination for agricultural researches ,whether on its agricultural practices level, management or decision making in lights of entering the European Union as it has a great potential.

Personally, I like to acquire new cultures and tradition and during my stay in Albania I have found a lot of similarities to my home country. The Country is very mesmerizing, it has a very beautiful landscape and foremost I have broken the stereotypes I had for Albania.

Finally, I am very grateful for this opportunity and recommend it to everyone to participate in Erasmus + exchange programmes, as they are a great contribution at you professional career.

It only comes once in a lifetime.

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