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Student: Erjona Asabella

E+ Programme: Exchange Student

Host Institution: University “Ioan Cuza din Iasi”

Period: February 2016 – June 2016

Academic year: 2015/2016

“Erasmus+ made me a better person”

I am Erjona Asabella and I have finished Bachelor and Master Studies in English language.

During the last year of Bachelor studies, I got an opportunity to study abroad as an exchange student.

I applied for an Erasmus + exchange in Romania and I studied for a semester in University “Ioan Cuza din Iasi”. I continued to study English by successfully approaching the respective subjects, attending classes and passing exams. It was such a great and successful experience for me, because I had the chance to study in a European university from which I gained new knowledge and a new life. I would never lose the chance to go back to Iasi and visit the University and the staff there, to whom I am so grateful for everything they did for me in order to never forget that life experience in Romania.

Years have passed and now, I have finished studies and I am working in the university “Fan S. Noli”, Korçë Albania, for 5 years. I am working as a Specialist in the Center of Innovation and I have had other responsibilities before working in this job position; I have worked as an English translator and Specialist for the Center of Information and Promotion.

This exchange was such a successful opportunity as it taught me to challenge myself and to achieve my objectives in life.

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