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17 Qershor, 2016


Internal Quality Assurance Unit The Internal Quality Assurance Unit (IQAU) was incorporated into the University structure as a new unit, following the approval by the University “Fan S. Noli” Board of Administration with Decision No. 2 dated on 06.05.2008 and University Senate Decision no. 33, dated on 17.11.2009 that decided to establish this unit and...
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ProfilVirtual is a student social network which enables the student to connect with the study peers, professors, study program group, career center, businesses and many other university functioning structures. In each study program you can communicate and share information among friends or lecturers of your study group. The lecturers can share with you documents, lectures...
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The Career Centre and Alumni – “A bridge to success” The Career Centre at University “Fan S. Noli” was established in November 2012, as an office whose main mission was to help students make their first professional steps. The Career Centre and Alumni serves as a connecting bridge between students (job seekers) and employees (business, public administration)....
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