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The sector of Economy

The sector of the Economy is an administrative unit, depending on the Chancellor of the University, it is managed by the head of this sector and is composed of :


* Head of the sector

* Supervisor of Service Sector

1. The responsibilities of the head of the sector are:

The head of the sector of economy manages the daily economic activities of the university

He monitors the realization and implementation of the annual plan concerning goods and services as approved by the relevant bodies.

Based on the public procurement registry, he meets the needs for goods and services, according to the demands of these units.

Based on the laws of public procurement and law enforcement on budget, the head of the sector manages the procurement procedures after the Rector issues the procurement order. He elaborates the records of the Commission of the Procurement procedures of low value goods and services.

Pursuant to the legal regulations for storing the goods, the head of the Sector of Economy, leads the commission for accepting the delivery by the third parties.

He fulfills all the accompanying documents of the procurement procedures for each expenditure and then sends it to the Sector of Finance for liquidation.

He maintains contacts with the expenditure specialist and income specialist of the Department of Treasury for the procurement procedures, according to laws and regulations in force.

In cooperation with the Department of Finance, he receives and evaluates the documentation submitted for scholarships, by the students of the second-year and above.

Pursuant to the law “On the management, conservation, documentation and delivery of goods and monetary values”, the head of the sector issues an order-delivery for the release of goods from the storeroom.

He controls consumption norms and elaborates monthly records on fuel costs, monthly sheets on university cars expenses, according to the daily trip sheets filled by each driver.

Monitors the performed overtime hours of employees, as well as drivers.

Executes orders issued by the Rector, the Chancellor and the administrative decision-making bodies.


2- Sector of services

The sector of services is an administrative unit under the competences of the Head of Economic Sector. It is managed by the head of the Service sector and is composed of service employees.

a- The responsibilities of the Head of the sector are:

Organizes, supervises and monitors the work of the Services Sector

Monitors the implementation of internal rules and cooperates with other units for the repair and maintenance of buildings, offices, equipment and furniture, with service employees or third parties.

Supervises the implementation of tasks by all employees of the sector.

Monitors the maintenance of facilities, with service employees or other unit’s employees.

Monitors and controls the quality of service and repairs, carried out in facilities administered by the University.

Delegates different tasks to the service employees, in case of emergency services at the University.

Elaborates temporary work plans for employees, according to the priorities of the services.

In cases of different activities organized by the University, he takes the necessary measures for providing equipment, appropriate decorations, and cleaned facilities and halls.

b- The responsibilities of the service employees are:

To implement on time different tasks assigned by the Head of the service sector.

To clean and maintain the indoor and outdoor facilities, as well as hydro-sanitary facilities that are under the administration of the University, according to the division made by the Head of Service Sector.

To have regular contacts with the head of the sector for any problem, need or demand.


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