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Welcome to "Fan S. Noli" University, the highest educational institution in the region of Korça which bears the name of one of the most distinguished authorities of our national history and culture, Fan Stilian Noli. Our University has inherited the best experience and achievements of the Albanian national education.

This is reflected in the commitment of the students and the lecturers to the further development of the academic values and of the teaching and research methods. We hope that the next generations will benefit from this cultural heritage and be proud of it. The University of Korça carries forty-two years of experience during which it has increased and extended its faculties and new programs with qualified academic staff. Its students attend study programs of the first cycle (Bachelor), of the second cycle (Master Professional and Master of Science) in all Faculties of our University, as well as a PhD study program in the Faculty of Agriculture.

This is evidence of our commitment to fulfill the students' needs during the years of attendance at our institution: quality education, a hardworking and qualified staff, mcontemporary teaching methodology and a useful infrastructure. We are making all the efforts to keep and support the intellectual potentialities of our region and at the same time to take good care and help the gifted students considering them the future assets of our University. We will give them the opportunity to participate in qualification programs abroad as our University is a partner university in different projects of the European Union network.

The scientific research is also a very important process, which we consider an integral part of our university mission. The academic staff and the students have continuously revealed their interest to participate in the research work projects. Our target is to increase the number of the qualified academic staff in order to be able to fulfill the requirements of the higher education law in Albania.

In this respect the University offers qualitative and quantitative improvement of the teaching and learning infrastructure as an aspect that is directly related with its quality assurance. Our University will further grow and developmore in the future. We have all the opportunities to be an important educational and scientific center that trains future specialists and experts to be able to meet the requirements of a civilized and democratic society.

Welcome to “Fan S. Noli” University.