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Infrastructure – Library and Laboratories in FSHNH


The Faculty of Natural and Human Sciences, with a surface of 10251 m2, conducts its teaching an scientific activity in two buildings; the new building (the former Division) and the existing building of the School of Nursing. 

The main building with a surface of 772.8 m2  (two floors) has in its disposal three lecture halls with a capacity of 50-80 seats, 6 seminar halls with a capacity of 30-40 seats and 1 amphitheatre with a capacity of 140 seats. The second hall is a library and a centre where the internet access is available to the students.

These auditoriums provides comfortable conditions for the realization of the teaching process. All the rooms are equipped with video projectors which will be used for presentations of different works in didactic and scientific field.

There are 7 laboratories in the central building of the Faculty of Natural and Human Science such as: 

Laboratory of Biology  

Laboratory of Chemistry  

2 laboratories of Informatics 

3 laboratories of Physic, established in 2 facilities.

Laboratory of Biology                                                   Laboratory of Chemistry  

Laboratory of Physics                                                 Laboratory of Informatics


The library, which has a surface of 163 m2, is one of the main information and research centre in the Faculty of Natural and Human Sciences.

The Facilities of the Library in FNHS 

It includes books which belong to the different disciplines, mainly to the branches of Philosophy and Sociology, Nursing, Biology-Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Informatics etc. The titles present important texts written in the most frequently used languages in Albania such as: Albanian, English, Italian language etc. The library is constantly updated with new materials from different national and international resources which includes continued purchases and contributes for different Albanian and foreign donators.

The books in the library are used to help students and lecturers in conducting the academic, research and scientific process. Besides the books, the library also offers a quiet and warm environment and other necessary materials such as computers, printers, scanner etc.  



  • The Building of the Department of Nursing is built in 90-ties. It is located near to the Hospital of Korça District where students conduct their teaching practices. The surface of the teaching facilities is about 1800 m2.. The building has in its disposal 3 lecture halls with a capacity of 40-60 seats for each room, 2 seminar halls and 7 laboratory rooms.  

  • The laboratories are functionally divided as follows: 

  • Laboratory of Obstetrics and Gynecology 

  • Surgical Laboratory 

  • 2 Laboratories of Anatomical – Physiology 

  • 3 Nursing Laboratories 

Facilities from the Laboratories of the Department of Nursing 


  • These laboratories are equipped with necessary materials for conducting the teaching classes such as: posters, mannequins, medical teaching equipment, medical instruments, beds for conducting the medical visits, diapositif, televisions, videos and other materials for the accommodation of students.  

  • In the faculty are also established the teaching secretary, the lecturers’ halls, archive office some facilities for the students etc.