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Welcome to the Faculty of Education at Fan S. Noli University. This University is the biggest educational and science centre in Korça region and one of the most accredited Universities in Albania.The Faculty of Education was founded in 1992 – 1993, at first with two branches: Elementary Teaching and Pre-School Teaching. Year after year it has been broadened with new branches and now it has seven study programs: Elementary Teaching, Pre-School Teaching, English Language, Albanian Language and Literature, Philosophy and Sociology, Mathematics – Physics and Mathematics – Informatics (the later two only one year old).There are 1400 students in all, out of whom 410 were graduated in the academic year 2007 – 2008. 284 freshmen were enrolled in the new academic year in all the branches.

During 2008 – 2009, with the resolution of The Council of Ministers, there started work the post-graduate studies, Master of the First Degree in Teaching, for Albanian Language and Literature branch, English Language, Mathematics, Philosophy and Sociology.Under this focus there are good chances for pursuing other studies in Albania or abroad as Master of the Second Degree and PhD.Two students and a lecturer of this Faculty attended studies in European Universities for the academic year 2008-2009.

The Faculty’s work is mastered by a number of qualified lecturers including 2 professors, 6 associated professors, 4 doctors of philosophy and 25 master post- graduates.This staff has been committing itself for six years in organizing studies in full-time and part-time systems of branches like Primary Education, Pre-school Education as well as Albanian Language and Literature.

Its infrastructure, including the faculty library and student’s bookshop, and the informatics and foreign languages laboratories, provide internet access and are fully available for student use.The University campus and boarding sites are situated next to the Faculty of Education and they provide all-year accommodation for students.Academic studies in the Faculty of Education will help you find your focus and shape your future.

Faculty of Education and Philology issues Bachelor diplomas in the following study programs:

  • Albanian Language-Literature
  • English Language
  • Albanian and French Language & Literature
  • History & Geography
  • Elementary Education
  • Pre-elementary Education
  • Elementary Education & English Language in the Branch of Pogradec

During the academic year 2014-2015 in the Faculty of Education and Philology continue the study programs of “Professional Master” in Education and at the end of the program are these diplomas issued:

“Professional Master in Education” for the High Level of Basic Education in these subjects:

  •  Albanian Language-Literature
  • English Language

as well as

“Professional Master in Education” for the Middle Education in the subject:

  •  Albanian Language-Literature

In the academic year 2014-2015 in University “Fan S. Noli” issues the part-time study program “Professional Master in Education".


  • DEAN OF FACULTY Pavllo Cicko

Nr.Tel: ++355 822 48944



Nr.Tel: ++355 822 48944

Secretary -in-chief: Teuta Naslazi


Secretary : Engjellushe Frasheri