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Faculty of Agriculture is one of three faculties of “Fan S. Noli” University, Korçë, which purues the pathway created by the High Institute of Agriculture. It is the oldest Faculty of “Fan S. Noli” University, Korçë, opened on June 15, 1971. The goal of this Faculty has been and still is to prepare specialists who will fulfill the new demands set to our country by the trade market economy. During its 45 years of experience, this faculty has continuously up-dated the study programs and has greatly improved its curricula. Faculty of Agriculture has prepared specialists in different fields of General Agronomy; such as Agronomy Engineers in Agro – Nutrition and Horticulture specialties, Agronomy Engineers in Horticulture and Agrobusiness Economy specialties. By responding to the needs of the production technology of industrial plants, fruit and vegetable processing, livestock production, implementing of agriculture machinery, important attention is paid to management and marketing of these products. Historically, the course programs have included basic courses, courses of general professional education and specific courses.

  • Organograms of Agriculture Faculty

Faculty of Agriculture has 18 full-time and 30 part time pedagogues. It consists of two departments: Department of Agriculture and Department of Horticulture, which are also supported by the Didactic Experimental Economy (covering 35 hectares of soil). One of the full-time pedagogues holds the title Professor, eight of them are Associate Professors, two are Doctors, five hold the title Master (being on the process to doctorate) and one is Assistant Lecturer.

  • The cooperation of the Faculty of Agriculture with its homologues

The faculty of Agriculture cooperates with the faculties of other universities in our  country as with that of Tirana, Vlore, etj. The cooperation consists in: sharing experience, writing and publishing books, lecturing, researching, practicing and organizing different cultural activities with the participation of both lectures and students of homologue faculties.

The Faculty of Agriculture cooperates with homologues faculties of many western European universities such as in Italy, Greece, Macedonia, France. This cooperation consists in taking part international projects, lecturing and researching. We have recently had a meeting with the academic staff of  TEI Selanik, Kozan, Follorine and the Macedonian University of Manastir where the recent problems of the region have been discussed such as energetics, the protection of the environment, the improvement of the curricula of the Faculty.

Faculty of Agriculture issues Bachelor diplomas in the following programs:

  • Agronutrition
  • Agribusiness
  • Horticulture
  • Plant Production Technology

In the Faculty of Agriculture the “ Profesional Master l” has opened a program for:

  • Development of Rural Integration


  • DEAN OF FACULTY Gjergji Mero

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Nr.Tel: ++355 822 48945      Fax:  ++355 822 48945

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