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Didactic Experimental Economy

The DEE (The Didactic and Experimental Economy) is a very important unit of the Faculty of Agriculture which serves as an integral part of teaching and scientific research. It is a basic unit of the Faculty of Agriculture and is composed of 22 ha of land.  

  1. This area is used by the faculty of Agriculture to develop the professional practices of the teaching programs. There are cultivated a wide range of crops, fruit trees, fodders, vegetables etc., and are performed various comparative experiments for some crops.  
  2. The Didactic and Experimental Economy is also used for scientific research purposes. Currently on this surface have been realised some experiments on wheat, barley, fruit trees, fodder, beans, potatoes, etc.

In 2016 in cooperation with ATTC Fushe Kruje was developed a complete collection of forage crops (beans, peas, soybeans, lentils, grass pea, vetch, alfalfa).

Some of the above-mentioned cultivars were tested for suitability to the climate of Korca Region.

In 2016 the orchard was enriched with 1.2 ha of walnuts, hazelnuts and cherry trees.

Agricultural mechanics is renovated, a big and a small tractor are bought, as well as two spray pumps, a trailer, two seeding machines, fertilize spreader, ploughs, straw collection counter and packing machine, etc.

This unit should operate according to the Law no. 80/2015 dated 22.07.2015 “On higher Education and Scientific Research in the Republic of Albania”. According to Article 26 of this Law, the unit must:

1. Become a research centre of the Faculty of Agriculture that carries out scientific research activities.  Application of scientific research projects will be a priority, with the main objective of putting into practice the theoretical knowledge.

2. The centre will support the teaching activities of the study programs “Master of Science” and Ph.D. studies offered by the Faculty of Agriculture.

3. In economic terms, the main aim is to maximize the revenues by offering products and services of the highest technological level. In this regard, priority will be the high-quality seed production which is on high demand in the market.

4. Through application of advanced technologies this unit should become a reference centre for farmers and agricultural development in the region.