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Dean of Agriculture Faculty


Dear students!

Please let me be grateful to all of you that have chosen and preferred to study in the Faulty of Agriculture of “Fan S. Noli” University Korçë, making you sure that you have made, the most essential, the most valuable and the best choice for a brighter future of yur life. You are now studying in a Faculty of 45 years of tradition which have evoked the highest values of the national education, the excellent tradition inherited from the generations of many professors who have taught and are still teaching in this Faculty. You will find here a qualified staff which works with great dedication and passion, cultivating love for the difficult and at the same time for the good profession of the specialist of agriculture We offers highly demanded diplomas for the labour market, in the three cycles of study, training skilled specialists in the filed of agronutrition, agronomic engineering, medicine plants and horticulture, management and administation of the agricultural business as well as in that of integrated rural development, assissting even the economic growth and the development of agriculture in our region and beyond. Faculty of Agriculture have established very good cooperative relations with universities, faculties and scientific – research institutions in the country and abroad. This cooperation is achieved in the framework of the participation of our faculty as a serious and active partner in national and international projects with the homologue faculties of many European countries, such as: Italy, Greece, Kosovo, Germany, Netherlands, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Finland etc. I cann assure you that you will find here a warm and an inspirational environemnt, a modern infrastructure in the function of your preparation as skilled specialists, equipped with all the competences that the modern agriculture requires today.

Thank you! Gjergji Mero

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