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Dean’s Assisstant

She is responsible for all the duties given by the Dean. She gives her assistance in preparing the materials for the Dean and for sending them in the destination, receives and sends information and messages in the faculty or out of it about different problematics, follows the realizations of the Dean’s orders for the administrative and academic staff. The Dean’s assistant is responsible for the correspondence from the protocol, procès-verbal of the deanery meetings, administration of the faculty seal as well as she coordinates the Dean’s meetings with the employees, students, partners, public etc. Part of the assistant dean duties is also the coordination of all the process of certification concerning the Greek language exam.

Msc. Maria Tanushi



Teaching Secretary & Student information office 

The Teaching Secretary and the Student information and orientation office are responsible for managing the process of students’ enrollment. The Teaching Secretary office is in charge to regulate, monitor and achieve every registration, information, document or transcript about the students. The Teaching Secretary office is responsible for the administration, storage and teaching data entry of the students and teaching process. In particular, they have a responsibility to complete the basic register of students. This unit is a rational structure to accomplish as best as possible all the duties concerning the organization of the teaching process of the faculty, in the service of students and academic staff.

Secretary office

Znj. Teuta Naslazi – Kryesekretare


Znj. Engjëllushe Frashëri – Sekretare


Zyra: 315

Students information office 

Znj. Vilma Mosko (Department of Language and Literature; Department of Foreign Languages)


Znj. Enela Pepaj (Department of Education; Department of History and Geography)


Zyra: 313


IT Specialist

The IT specialist has in his responsibility to respond to the different digital problems of the University, maintenance of the electronic equipment and online management systems. He designs and conducts specific programs or services in function of the faculty. He maintains and manages the official website updating it continuously. Some other responsibilities are the configuration and technical maintenance concerning all the central servers of the institution and managing computers, the management of computer network, the technical support for employees of the offices etc.

Z. Klajdi Qafzezi

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