Central European Exchange Program for University Studies

CEEPUS Program (Central European Exchange Program for University Studies) is a program that promotes staff and student mobility of Central European Universities. Current member countries are: Austria, Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Kosovo. In the framework of this program, the university has won 2 projects. The selected six lecturers will deliver classes and the appointed student will attend classes at partner universities. In addition to the requirements of this project, two foreign lecturers and three students will be part of mobility programs at the University of Korҫa.

For more information please visit: http:// www.ceepus.info 

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Monika Thimo – Specialist of projects and scientific research

e-mail: mthimo@unkorce.edu.al

e-mail: monika.shano@gmail.com

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Prof. dr.  Ali Jashari

Tel. : +355 822 42230
         +355 822 42580

e-mail:  ajashari@unkorce.edu.al

Sekretarja e Rektorit
Megi Pashko

Tel. : +355 822 42230
e-mail: megipashko@yahoo.com

Zv. Rektore për mësimin
Prof. as. dr.  Majlinda Bello

Tel. : +355 822 42580
e-mail: mbello@unkorce.edu.al

Zv. Rektore për shkencën dhe projektet
Dr. Erinda Papa

Tel: +355 822 42580
e-mail: erindapapa@yahoo.com

Administrator i Universitetit

Msc. Enslemvera Zake (Furxhi)
Tel: +355 822 43609
e-mail: eni_furxhi@yahoo.com

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