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Qendra e Ekselences FSHNH


During the academic year 2012-2013, is opened the CENTER OF EXCELLENCE in Faculty of Natural and Human Sciences of University “Fan S. Noli”

THE CENTER OF EXCELLENCE intends to develop trainings and qualifications activities for the teachers. The main activity of this center will focus on enhancing teaching and innovation skills in education, methods and practices of professional development of teachers, in rebuilding the collaboration with schools, etc.

The Center of Excellence will be the center institution in qualification of pedagogical staff in the schools of Korça region and furthermore. It will provide training programs in several profiles of teachers, programs that support and ensure improvement of teaching quality, its perfection, as applications in innovation in the field of teaching.

Center of Excellence will provide a continuous collaboration with the Directory of Education and the Education Offices in regions to evidence requirements and for the impact of the training course that it provides, also with the other institutions inside and outside the country that provides activities on these fields.

THE CENTER OF EXCELLENCE IN THE FACULTY OF NATURAL AND HUMAN SCIENCES has its residency in the second floor of Faculty of Natural and Human Sciences, which has a modern infrastructure for the qualification of teachers, as well as will develop qualification activities in other environments, like in Internet hall, Physics and Biochemistry laboratory, etc.

THE CENTER OF EXCELLENCE has a coordinator (responsible), pedagogue with high scientific title, with the status of the head of department, as well as other lectures (qualified pedagogue with teaching experience), from departments of the Faculty of Natural and Human Sciences, ordered by their profiles, and from the other institutions.

The accredited modules list in THE CENTER OF EXCELLENCE at the Faculty of Natural and Human Sciences …click here