In 23.12.2016 the Recto rate of the University organized the conference dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Scientific Bulletin of “Fan S. Noli” University. The opening speech at this conference was held by the Rector of the University, prof. dr. Ali Jashari: “We are now at the end of the activities for this year and we are concluding with an important event such as the 20th anniversary of the publication of the first number of the scientific article of our university, “Scientific Bulletin” which took this name since the first issue in 1996. The Scientific Bulletin, with its 32 issues, is a collective work which was considered from almost the all lectures of our university, but also by the writings of dozens of professors and scholars from other universities and institutions in the country and abroad.

The scientific periodicals publication have a special importance for every institution, such as our bulletin, as a tribune of scientific thinking in the university, as a meaningful reflection of the scientific and pedagogical life and an effective means in service to our pedagogues and others to realize their academic qualifications.

Considering this 20th anniversary some specific names should also be mentioned, who have directly influenced the publication and quality enhancement of this scientific publication. First of all, I would like to point out the special assistance given by prof. dr. Gjergji Pendavinji, who has been a vice-rector of the university. He was the one who firmly assembled the articles of the first issue with 17 authors. I would also like to thank the leaders of the bulletin publishing councils and the scientific secretaries who have been working for years in a timely manner with dedication and without any kind of reward for our scientific bulletin in order to grow it qualitatively an to include it in the list of scientific publications and to be officially known with the ISSN number. I would like also to thank the pedagogues who have worked on the scientific and linguistic reduction of all its issues.

20 years of working and publishing the periodical, seems to be a long period. Considering the high qualifications of the academic staff in four faculties and our responsibility to respond better to the scientific activity in each faculty and department, our periodical will be published according to the closer specialties according to the fields and genuine scientific directions of the departments and faculties. So that, the publication of the bulletin and its preparation will be a scientific property and a reflection of the scientific-pedagogical production of each faculty and department. The faculties are able to accomplish this duty in the fields they cover. The scientific bulletin will reflect in a written form all the scientific-research achievements of the departments, therefore the funds for publication will go to the deans and departments."

Then, the following scientific research speech was held:

Prof. dr. Gjergji Pendavinji, the Dean of the Faculty of Natural and Human Sciences, red the scientific research paper under the topic “Presentation of social and human studies in the 20 years of publication of the "Scientific Bulletin", prof. as. dr. Gjergji Mero, the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture red the scientific research paper under the topic: Studies on the development of agriculture and environment presented in the periodical review of the "Scientific Bulletin”, prof. as. dr. Stela Stratobërdha, Head of Department in the Faculty of Economy, red the scientific research paper under the topic: “The place of economic studies at the scientific article of our university”, while prof. as. dr. Pavllo Cicko, the Dean of the Faculty of Education and Philology, held a scientific speech about the role of philological studies in the scientific article of our university.

The works of this conference were followed with interest by professors of the university.

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