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On October 15, 2021 prof. as. dr. Jonela Spaho promoted her monograph "Kristo Floqi, his life and work". The event came as a collaboration of the University "Fan S. Noli", the Municipality of Korça and the Theater A. Z. Çajupi. Initially prof. Jonela Spaho thanked the organizers and those present at this event. She then focused on the polyhedral figure of Kristo Floqi, as one of the most prominent politicians, writers and lawyers in Albania. "It was a coincidence to meet this author, the studies and research for which I started with skepticism, as the dust of time had covered everything. I began searching for material and information about his work, life, and work in our libraries, in the state archives, and in the Boston Library, USA. Then, it was work that showed me the way until I came to the conclusion of this monograph. Kristo Floqi has long been involved in politics and the patriotic movement, but his contribution to literature was also very interesting. Kristo Floqi's work is a story of pride ". Then, the lecturer of UT, prof. as. dr. Lili Sula focused on some features of the book and mainly on the figure of Kristo Floqi, for which it took years of work to illuminate and bring it so complete in this monograph. "Evaluations for the colossal work of prof. Jonela. Its contribution lies in a complete political, historical and cultural figure, a study, which comes 100 years after the creativity of Kristo Floqi ". Evaluations for this monograph and for the work of Professor Jonela Spahos were conveyed by the Rector of UNIKO, prof. Dr. Dhimitri Bello. "Seeing how much you have worked for this publication, I will call this monograph your book of life. You have reborn Kristo Floqi, a figure with great values in the field of the Albanian language ". Musicologist Pandi Bello gave an overview of Kristo Floqi's contribution to Korça songs and culture, describing it as a rare case of such dimensions in Albanian creativity. Lecturers of the literature department, dr. Ilir Shyta and dr. Eris Rusi, as friends and colleagues of prof. Jonela also touched on some special features related to the way she brought this book, from the choice of the cover, the treatment of the story and the highlighting of the greatness of the figure of Kristo Floqi. Evaluations in this activity were conveyed by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, UNIKO, prof. as. dr. Ledina Alolli, lecturers, friends and art-lovers with their discussions and exchanges of opinions. Excerpts from Kristo Floqi's literary work were recited by actresses Zamira Kita and Blerta Belliu and sung by singer Laxarela Deti.

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