The scholarship program Sur-Place of Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Office for Albania

Konrad Adenauer Foundation has opened the applications concerning the Sur-Place scholarships which aim to support the candidates for Master studies, especially those who are interested in politics and to show a social commitment. Its purpose is to identify the talented persons and to support them in order to be prepared to take responsibilities in the field of politics, science, media, culture and business as well as in organizing and managing of the activities of social society. For further information and the way of application please refer to the link given below:

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Prof. dr.  Ali Jashari

Tel. : +355 822 42230
         +355 676385000


Secretary of Rector
Megi Pashko

Tel. : +355 822 42230

Deputy Rector for curricula and academic management
Prof. as. dr.  Majlinda Bello

Tel. : +355 822 42580

Deputy Rector for scientific research and project management
Dr. Erinda Papa

Tel: +355 822 42580

Administrator of University

Msc. Enslemvera Zake (Furxhi)
Tel: +355 822 43609

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