Ministry of Foreign Affairs is looking to recruit interns from 15.10.2016 to 30.01.2017

Ministry of Foreign Affairs is looking to recruit interns for the period October 15, 2016 - January 30, 2017 for giving to the students the opportunity to know better the work conducted by the institution and to give their contribution through their skills. In order to apply please download the application form in the link below and send it completed in in the deadline September 30, 2016. The practice near to MFA is free. MFA offers assistance to the interns concerning the necessary documents to prove the period of practice, the tasks assigned and an evaluation at the end of the practice.…/mundesi-per-te-bere-prakt…

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Prof. dr.  Ali Jashari

Tel. : +355 822 42230
         +355 676385000


Secretary of Rector
Megi Pashko

Tel. : +355 822 42230

Deputy Rector for curricula and academic management
Prof. as. dr.  Majlinda Bello

Tel. : +355 822 42580

Deputy Rector for scientific research and project management
Dr. Erinda Papa

Tel: +355 822 42580

Administrator of University

Msc. Enslemvera Zake (Furxhi)
Tel: +355 822 43609

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