On July 17th, in the premises of “Tamara Nikolla" Sports Palace , took place the graduation ceremony of "Fan S. Noli" University’s students. This day is known as “Academic Day 2017".  The greeting speech was held by the Rector of the University, Prof. dr. Ali Jashari . He started his speech sharing the good news that "Fan S. Noli" University of Korca fully complies with the State Quality Standards; Assessments that were done within the framework of this University’s accreditation process. He said that Korça University entered the accreditation process as an institution of high integrity. "The Accreditation impacts positively not only students and professors, but also the development of our region". Among hundreds of students and professors, present were representatives of local government institutions.  Mayor of Korça, Mr.Sotiraq Filo, congratulated the rectorate for all the undertaken initiatives and said that the cooperation between the municipality and the university will continue to strengthen.

The student Sara Metanj, who was also the moderator of this activity, invited the students to receive their diplomas and relevant assessments. During this ceremony a set of photos was also displayed, reflecting some of "Fan S. Noli" University activities during academic year 2016-2017.  

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