University “Fan S. Noli” of Korça organised from 31 October to 1 of November the Second International Conference “Education across borders” with its focus on “Critical Thinking in Education”.

This conference was organised by the Faculty of Education and Philology of Korca University, in collaboration with the Faculty of Education in Florina, and Faculty of Education in Bitola, in the framework of the cooperation agreement signed between the three faculties. The main guests at this conference were Prof. Dr. Andrew Goodspeed and Prof. Dr.BardhylMusai who gave their contribution with their presentations during the Plenary Session.

During the two days conference, more than 172 academics and guests from different countries presented their academic and research studies in various fields such as: Language and Literature; Pedagogy; Psychology; Social Sciences; Mathematics, Informatics and other sciences, there were also sessions with poster presentations.

The organizing committee of the conference consisted of the Dean of the Faculty of Education and Philology of the University "Fan S. Noli" Prof. Dr. Ali Jashari, Dean of the Faculty of Education in Florina Prof. PetrosKariotoglou and the dean of the Faculty of Education in Bitola, Prof. Jove DimitrijaTavevski.

In his speech at the opening ceremony, the President of the Conference, Prof. dr. Ali Jashari greeted and welcomed the guests, by emphasizing the cooperation between the three Faculties of Education, that of Korca, Bitola and Florina, and also described the realization of this conference as a continuation of the first Conference held in Florina.

Prof dr. Ali Jashari was expressed that these international events are not only of great scientific and pedagogical interest, but, within the present context, they receive a great significance as intellectual meetings which transmit cross border cooperation messages and real examples of good historic neighbouring relationship among the three countries and intellectuals, especially teachers and pedagogues, who know how to stand above political instant interests and look ahead towards the prosperity of future generations. Critical thinking is used in all disciplines, in all fields of public life, in all sciences, business sectors and professions.

Special thanks went to Prof. Andrew Goodspeed and Prof. BardhylMusai who accepted the invitation, also with the believe that 154 conference papers and presentations, prepared by 172 academics  and researchers of Korça, Florina and Bitola Universities would serve the fulfilment of the great mission  education has today throughout the world.

In his greeting words the Rector of the University “Fan S. Noli” Korçë, welcomed the guests and evaluated the good cooperation achieved. Prof. Mero mentioned the good cooperation realised by reciprocal visits and the real contributions that is shared among Faculties in similar study programs. He described education as one of the most important and imperative aspects to continuous changes and evolutions that universities are doing together to upgrade and improve it according to European standards required today by European Higher Education.

At the end of his word the rector expressed his gratitude to all the participants of this event and especially to the representatives of the University of Florina and Bitola for their commitment in the organization of this conference, and ensured that the University of Korca will continuously support every common cross-border cooperation activities in education.

Prof. dr. BardhylMusai in his speech made a complete and comprehensive overview of critical thinking in education by focusing on the importance of promoting and improving "critical thinking" to students and teachers, in order to reach to the core of the problem, by creating an attitude and defending it in a rational way.

Prof. dr. AdrewGoodspeedemphasised that the biggest challenge in Higher Education is not necessarily the production of knowledge on the basis of vocation skills, but especially the establishment of mechanisms through which can be maintaineda self-critical approach in different situations and problems.

Prof. PetrosKariotoglou, dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Florina and the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of BitolaValentinaGulevska, greeted the conference.

The Conference was attended with great interest by pedagogues, students and guests, and this was also reflected in active participation in the respective sessions during the scientific sessions.

At the end of the activity there were distributed certificates and was communicated to the participants that the materials will be published and also presented online at the official website of the University "Fan S. Noli". 

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