The Continuing Training Centre at UNIKO, from December 2017, has been accredited by the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth for a 4-year period, by Decision no. 26, dated 19.12.2017, for 34 training modules and 1 program that includes 5 modules, so in total  39 modules in the following fields: Competency curriculum; Teaching plan; Ethics, communication, pedagogy; Teaching and learning; Professional skills of directors; Cross-curricular issues; Information Technology in Teaching, etc.


From February 16 to end of May 2018, Continuing Training Centre at Korça University organised 4 training sessions where were certified 350 teachers. According to the head of this centre, Msc. Olger Brame, this year teachers were registered online on IZHA portal: www.trajnime.arsimi.gov.al by choosing the modules they were interested in.

At the same time, modules developed by Continuing Training Centre have been selected by Save the Children for training in project schools which are organised in Tirana, Elbasan, Mat, Shkodër, and Gjirokastra.

In these training sessions participated teachers from Korça Region, as well as other regions. In the future, the Continuing Training Centre intends to become a training centre for teachers and school directors with a national status.



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Dr. Erinda Papa

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