On 20 November 2009, University “Fan S. Noli”, The center of Albano-logical studies in Tirane, Institution Archeology of Tirane, organized the scientific conference with topic:


The conference was held in two sections

Section of History

Section of Ethno- culture


  • Section of History

In the section of History were read sic papers in which mainly were addressed problems of ancient history and early medieval history region of Korca, in light of inquiries and newer archaeological studies. Researched in this conference alongside local researchers and foreign scholars from France and Greece

Prof.Dr. Petrika Lera

“Aspects of Neolithic period in pond of Korca”

2. Prof.Dr. Gilles Touchais

“On Chronological absolute values of prehistory culture of pond of Korca”

3. Dr. Cecile Oberweiler

“Dynamics of population of the pond of Korca from prehistory to Medieval”

4. Prof.Dr. Shpresa Gjongecaj

“Numismatic treasures of Kloce and Hollmi”

5. Dr. Stavros Ekonomidhi; Prof.Dr. Petrika Lera ; Dr. Akis Tsonos; Msc.Aris Papajani

“Maligrad in our archeological observation”  

6. Prof.Dr. Luan Bërzhita

“Early medieval settlements in lake shore of Maliq in the light of archaeological discoveries”


  • Section of Ethno- culture

1. Prof.Dr. Gjergji Pendavinji, Arben Gjata

Some ethno-cultural processes of the century XIX for cultivating the spirit of Albanianism and civilization in the region of Korca”

2. Prof. as.Dr. Rahim Ombashi 

“Prosperous Environment of monuments literary “

3. Dr. Kristofor Naslazi

“Popular motives in in medieval art works”

4. Msc. Jonela Spaho

Flows and dramaturgy innovation in theater of Korca in years 1912-1939

5. Msc. Magdalina Vampa 

"Aspects of the educational tradition of the region of Korca in the years 1912 - 1924"

6. Kristaq Balli

“Korca’s photography as artistic and historical value”

7. Dr. Dion Tushi 

“The library of Voskopoja” (Century 17-18)

8. Msc. Ardian Matka 

Interreligious Tolerance and Understanding - important civic value"

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