The Sector of Studies and Career Development 
The Career Centre - "A bridge to success"

The Sector of studies and career development was established in November 2012, as an office whose main mission was to help students make their first professional steps.

The Studens career Center serves as a connecting bridge between students (job seekers) and employees (business, public administration). It aims to encourage students to plan their career through trainings, forums, employment projects, workshops and individual meetings with the students.

The main goal of the Career center is to support students and to prepare them how to face the labour market.

The career center cooperates with the public and private institutions in the District of Korça such as: the Regional Directorate of Education, the Municipality of Korca, Job Office, banks and medical clinics, and other organisations from Albania and abroad.

This center offers:

  • Advice
  • Orientation
  • Training
  • Support


  • Provides information for scholarships, student’s conferences and trainings
  • Provides to students the possibility to do voluntary work at CC
  • Organises informative sessions with students
  • Organizes the Career fair
  • Organises lectures for career advising
  • Organises individual meetings with students and advices them on new vacancies.


Sector of Studies and Career Development on the occasion of beginning the new academic year, from 26 to 28 October 2016, has developed open lectures to the students of the first years of the University "Fan S. Noli" entitled "General Information for the Students of First Years".

The lecture aim to present the University Regulation, inform students about the examination process, assessment and Bologna System. Also, a general information about the service of Career Centre, orientation about offices in the respective faculties and at the University "Fan S. Noli". At the end of the lecture the students had the opportunity to ask questions on unclear issues.


Ersida Çuka

Specialist / The Sector of Studies and Career Development 



Address of the Career Centre: 
University "Fan S. Noli" of Korçë,
Faculty of Economy, 5th Floor


Location (Map)


Prof. dr.  Ali Jashari

Tel. : +355 822 42230
         +355 822 42580


Sekretarja e Rektorit
Megi Pashko

Tel. : +355 822 42230

Zv. Rektore për mësimin
Prof. as. dr.  Majlinda Bello

Tel. : +355 822 42580

Zv. Rektore për shkencën dhe projektet
Dr. Erinda Papa

Tel: +355 822 42580


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